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Chilly Mammoth Quilt Pattern - Art East Quilting Co.

Chilly Mammoth Quilt Pattern - Art East Quilting Co.

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The Chilly Mammoth Quilt Pattern

From Art East Quilting Co.

Contains the instructions to make a 43"n x 57" quilt featuring one mammoth and a 77" x 86" quilt featuring four mammoths.

Choose whether your mammoth is sporting some winter gear (hat and scarf) or is just chilling without.

These large blocks (31" x 41" and 31" x 34") are big enough that you can create a successful quilt only using one.

Frame your quilt nicely with half-square-triangle details, as featured on the cover.

This quilt uses traditional piecing techniques and relies heavily on the Stitch & Flip technique. There are also several points to match, however, the pieces are large giving you wiggle room to perfect your points.

This project is great for the brave beginner and seasoned piecers alike!

Booklet is 16 pages, printed in full-colour and saddle stitched with a rigid cover.

  • Printed Paper Pattern
  • Final Product: Quilt
  • Finished Size: 43"n x 57" or 77" x 86"
  • Technique: Standard Machine Sewing
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

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