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Swivel Hook

Swivel Hook

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Swivel Hook

From Dritz

Dritz Swivel Hooks put the final touches on a variety of DIY sewing and crafting projects They finish key chains, bracelets and other belting or cording crafts. Used with D-rings, they create detachable or internal hooks in bags and totes.

The swivel hook has a loop end and a hook end; the hook end opens and closes allowing it to be attached to other pieces of hardware or fabric tabs. Swivel hooks are commonly used with D-rings, rectangle rings and triangle rings; the rings provide a mechanism from which the swivel hook hangs and attaches other things (bag straps, fobs) Insert ribbon or narrow strapping in loop and attach to cargo pants or outdoor gear. Use with parachute cord to create key chains, bracelets and other craft projects.

  • Color: Gray
  • Made of: Metal
  • Use: Bag Hardware
  • Size: 2-11/16in long
  • Included: One Hook

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