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Doodletown - Viking Voyage - 1000 PC Puzzle

Doodletown - Viking Voyage - 1000 PC Puzzle

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Doodletown - Viking Voyage  - 1000 PC - Random Cut

From Cobble Hill

 Finished Size 26.625" x 19.25"

The Vikings are off to sea and they're taking all their crazy antics with them! The fishing continues from the sails, while the wildlife continue their tea party in the ocean! But it's no picnic being on the high seas when you have huge waves created by the sea monster who has her eye on the dragon ship. Is love in the air? We're not sure about that, but the Greek Gods certainly are in the sky doing their best to control the weather. Was it the high-flying trapeze that caused a hole in the quilted sail - no worries, it looks like the guys and girls are mending away. Who knows where these Vikings are headed, but we hope this Doodletown: Viking Voyage 1000 piece lands on your table!

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